Our Mission

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Roxxi’s SuperFood for Dogs

Roxxi’s Superfood is on a mission to have all dogs eat nutritious, HEALTHIER foods and this includes the FUSSY dogs. Unlike standard mass produced dog foods, Roxxi’s superfood for dogs is handmade using only natural human grade ingredients. No added salt, sugar, artificial colours or flavours (in other words no added nasties!)

We only use the BEST high quality ingredients to keep your dog looking and feeling their BEST.

We set about this journey by adopting a fresh & contemporary approach to the traditional remedial recipes that are known to be beneficial to our own health and wellbeing. We then translated these remedial recipes into a food dogs love so that your dog can now benefit from eating nutrient rich foods with the highest quality meats and organs!

By harnessing the goodness from superfoods such as chia seeds or pumpkin, these immune boosting ingredients are  bursting with vitamins and minerals and we’ve combined these with the highest quality meats and organs to create a new taste sensation that will guarantee your dogs wag of approval!

Being a certified animal lover (& this is not to be taken lightly) Roxxi began working at a vet clinic where she could really see the negative impact that low quality foods have had on a dogs physical health and on their behaviour ! Sadly, she also witnessed the heartbroken dog owners who experienced the consequences of bad low quality grade food to their fur babies!

Roxxi knew it was time to make some changes and broaden the market for much better higher quality products for dogs.

Roxxi’s super foods contains tiny powerhouses and botanical extracts which provides countless amounts of natural antioxidants, known to nourish the cells and help combat the bad cells in your dogs.

Having spent years perfecting the recipe, Roxxi’s has come up with what we now believe is a superfood brand that is not only irresistible to dogs, but will help your best friend feel absolutely SUPER!

We hope that our foods will be enjoyed by your best friend and we wish them a super long and happy life always.

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Our Story

Roxxi’s SuperFood was inspired and created for the Fussy dogs!

Roxxi’s SuperFood Cakes only uses the Freshest, Wholesome ingredients fit for a King.
For this particular instance, the King is Kai, who is Roxxi’s loving but very fussy, demanding dog companion who will only eat, if it tastes good.

Roxxi who is Kai’s loyal human, thoroughly enjoys eating superfoods such as chia seeds & flaxseeds and special herbs and spices that have ‘super health’ properties. Kai complained to Roxxi that healthy food didn’t taste good to him but understands the importance of eating good to stay strong and healthy so that he can continue to be alpha!

Kai ordered that Roxxi design a tasty breakfast cake that was healthy but that he could actually enjoy containing these particular superfoods. This way he could have the BEST start to his day.

With many trial and errors a demanding dog barking different orders at Roxxi, some licks and wagging tails later, Roxxi’s superfood Cakes & Treats were finally perfected.

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